My main goal is to understand your needs and personality in order to create fashionable wardrobe collections or a unique style for an important occasion. Your new image will make you feel more beautiful and empowered.

To offer you best and long-lasting results I advise on key styles, trends and suitable color palettes and coach you on how to get dressed for each occasion depending on the image you want to portray. My services are extremely personalized and respect your individuality.

After a single session you will acquire a new stylish image to match your lifestyle and goals.


I can shop effectively for your lifestyle or special occasion or even shop for just a special gift. I can guarantee no more bad decisions!

I will show you how to make the right clothing choices for your body shape, share with you invaluable tips on how to dress confidently for your lifestyle, whilst advising you on the best colors that suits your natural skin tone and giving you guidance on how to accessorize successfully.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me to know about Men’s Styling and Wedding stylist.


This service is aimed at busy, high profile individuals who do not have the time to shop due to a busy and demanding lifestyle. It’s also popular for those who live abroad and find it more cost effective to shop in Dubai, where we have a wide choice of brands.

This service will not only save you invaluable time, but will also allow you to focus on what you enjoy best in life.


I will guide you to achieve the goals you set, whether you are an individual looking to improve your promotion prospects, or an organization styling its staff in a more image conscious and fashionable way.

Before we get to work, an initial consultation is required so that I can get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and fully understand your personal style and lifestyle requirements, as well as look through your current wardrobe if you wish.